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Programs Used

  • Photoshop

  • PowerPoint

Project Objective

  • Conceptualize and explore an atmospheric intervention for a pop-up multi-faith pavilion space that will offer the opportunity for reflection, contemplation, and respite

Learning Outcomes

  • Create a physical 3D conceptual model 

  • Explore the impact of light on the spatial conditions


The Abelia Pavilion is a walk-through space for students, staff, and visitors to enjoy while crossing VIU’s beautiful Nanaimo campus. The pavilion will allow for a momentary pause from the rush of campus in a unique space that creates interest through shadow and light. This is a space for the user to give permission to themselves to be connected to the present and fully aware of what is within and around them. The pavilion is an inviting and compelling space to enter that is both connected to the surrounding campus and creates a safe spot that allows for mindfulness and reflection. ​


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