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Programs Used

  • AutoCAD

  • SketchUp

  • Twinmotion

  • PowerPoint

Project Objective

  • Design a socially sustainable adaptive reuse proposal for a veteran living community

Learning Outcomes

  • Collaborate remotely with a group

  • Create project branding 

  • Produce a design that complies with IBC 2018 and takes into consideration designing for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Collaborative project chosen as a 2021 IDEC Student Design Competition regional finalist ​


Terrawood is a veteran living community centred around social sustainability that allows the residents to be involved in the community and have a strong sense of belonging and safety. Terrawood facilitates support to help the transition back to civilian life after service with the Canadian Armed Forces. Social sustainability is implemented in the design by the use of natural materials and organic forms to create a supportive environment. Connection to the surrounding landscape is central to the design as natural light and biophilia will be used to create an enhanced quality of life.​

  1. To promote well-being by fostering a supportive community and providing mental health services in an inviting space that incorporates nature in the design

  2. To stimulate active living by making walking a priority throughout the space and giving the users the flexibility to choose and make use of the space as needed

  3.  To design a universally accessible space with an open-concept organic layout that caters to all social needs

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