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Programs Used

  • AutoCAD 

  • SketchUp

  • Twinmotion

  • PowerPoint

Project Objective

  • Design and develop branding for a restaurant 

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain experience working through the design process 

  • Practice problem-solving skills during the space planning stage

  • Effectively use hand rendering to convey the desired atmosphere 


     Escalia is a vegetarian restaurant located in Toronto's entertainment district. Inspiration is pulled from nature, emphasizing the importance of the role it plays in food. The use of curvilinear lines and natural forms echoes the curves found in natural vegetation. The Atmosphere of the restaurant is inspired by the time of day when the entertainment district comes alive: dusk. The juxtaposition between intimacy and grandiose creates an ethereal feel. The rich dark greens, red-browns, and blues are mirrored by the evening colours looking over Lake Ontario and bring alive the feeling of mystery and excitement twilight creates.


  Curved features and lighting fixtures emulate nature’s contours for an organic feel, tying back to the inspiration of the design. Unique lighting supports the atmosphere, and the finishes give a classy and luxurious feel. The bold and fearless design of Escalia will transport diners into a cuisine experience as breathtaking as the view of the great lake.

Floor Plan

Click through to see all elevations

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